Reminder: Chugging Too Much Eggnog Will Not Bear A Pleasant Result

eggnogbadEggnog has gotten a bad reputation over the years. And it’s understandable — the stuff is a combination of delicious holiday drink and very very bad idea for the next day. Even without alcohol, eggnog packs a whopping, creamy punch. So when you chug a quart of eggnog in about 12 seconds, things are not going to go well.

That was the case for a Utah man, who decided to compete for the office mantle of Most Eggnog To Get Chugged Guy, reports The party drink didn’t even contain alcohol, and yet the man managed to drink enough of it to put him in the hospital.

The party was winding down and the man and his wife were on their way out, when he decided to get in on an eggnog chugging contest. He’s a competitive guy, he says, and couldn’t walk away. And if he couldn’t walk away, he was in it to win it.

“I’ve already decided, if I’m going to do it, I’m going to win,” he said.

The record was 22 seconds, and there was a gift card on the line to a steak house.

“I just opened up my throat, didn’t even swallow,” he said. “I pretty much poured it down.”

He drank a quart in just 12 seconds, as a video shows, and didn’t breathe during it. He went home coughing a bit, but soon realized all was not well.

“I was pretty much shaking uncontrollably,” he said. “I was shaking so badly, I was nauseous, and my breathing became a pant.”

After seeking some medical advice from a friend, his pal took him to the hospital, where he was told he was basically “dry drowning,” with the eggnog getting into his lungs and starting an infection.

If you’re tempted to match his feat, know that he spent 24 hours in intensive care with a fever, sweats and chills.

“It was rough,” he said. “Eggnog: not ideal for the lungs.”

Listen before you slurp, folks.

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