More Horrible People Caught On Camera Stealing Packages From Porch

This is why I never have any packages left at my door without a signature. Yet another person’s holiday has been spoiled by sticky-fingered thieves swiping packages left on someone’s porch, and once again the crime is captured on security camera footage.

The above video was captured from a camera in a house in San Francisco’s Noe Valley neighborhood. You can see a man and woman — already carrying a bag with something inside — stroll up to the front gate, where the man lets himself in and then helps himself to the waiting packages.

As the couple exits the scene, they place the stolen stuff into another shopping bag, presumably to disguise the theft.

On the YouTube page for the video, the homeowner is asking for anyone who recognizes the couple in the video to message him with the info, but it’s probably wiser to contact the SF Police Dept.

This is just the latest incident of package-thieves being caught on security footage. Earlier this month, we told you about the Texas homeowner who was successfully able to identify a suspect after posting the video to Facebook.

Then a pair of Michigan teens who’d tailed their local UPS driver around town and snatched up packages left behind were busted after someone posted photos of the crime online.

Of course, the most heartwarming story of the holiday season thus far is the prank played by a D.C.-area couple who tricked package thieves into stealing boxes filled with dog poop.


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