Lawsuit Claims Couple Died After Getting Food Poisoning From Bob Evans’ Meatloaf

A new lawsuit claims that a "tainted meal" at Bob Evans lead to a couple's death.

A new lawsuit claims that a “tainted meal” at Bob Evans lead to a couple’s death.

Contracting food poisoning after consuming a meal is never a pleasant experience. While many consumers recover after a few days of being ill, some aren’t so lucky. Such is the case, a new lawsuit claims, for a West Virginia couple who died after allegedly becoming ill following a meal at a Bob Evans restaurant.

CNN reports that the family of the couple filed a lawsuit against Bob Evans claiming that a meal shared at a local restaurant in 2012 ultimately led to their deaths.

According to the complaint, about nine hours after eating the meal of meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, broccoli and a roll, the mother “fell violently ill.”

Shortly thereafter, the husband also became ill but was able to call for an ambulance.

CNN reports that the couple was told by local emergency room staff that they had suffered from food poisoning “from consuming the tainted meal from Bob Evans.”

The couple’s children say that the day after consuming the meal, their father suffered a stroke. As a result, both of their parents were moved to a rehabilitation facility.

The lawsuit states that about two months after the shared meal, the mother died while in hospice care. Her husband’s condition then deteriorated rapidly, the children say. He passed away a few months later.

The children are suing Bob Evans for $250,000 for medical expenses from the chain and an unspecified amount for the “pain, suffering, emotional distress, mental anguish and the loss of ability to enjoy life” that were caused by their parents’ deaths.

A spokesperson for the restaurant chain tells CNN they are committed to “serving the safest, highest-quality foods for our guests — that is our responsibility and our priority.”

The spokesperson says that while the company feels sympathy for the family and their loss, they have done a “thorough review of the alleged claims in this matter, and quite simply, there is no basis to the allegations contained in the complaint and the suit is entirely without merit.”

CNN reports that the case will be heard in federal court next year.

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