Gov’t Forecast: The Average Driver Will Save $550 On Gas Next Year

After so much pain at the pump in recent years, it’s got to be sweet relief for drivers to hear that 2015 might be easier on the old wallet. A report from the federal government says the average driver will save $550 on gas next year compared to 2014.

Gas prices haven’t been quite so rough lately, and it’s going to get even better, reports CNNMoney, according to a forecast from the feds at the Energy Information Institute.

On average, drivers will shell out $1,962 on gas next year, which is about a 20% dip from this year, and comes out to $45 per month that will stay in your pocket. Where it belongs forever or until something good comes along.

For the full year, 2015’s average price per gallon is predicted to be about $2.60, a decrease from 2014’s estimated average of $3.37.

And if those numbers make you feel like it’s 2004 again, that makes sense, as that’s the last year drivers spent so little at the pump.

Drivers to save $550 on gas in 2015 [CNNMoney]

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