Goodwill Puts All Of The Good Stuff In Special Hipster-Focused Boutique

Image courtesy of (holymakeral)

Attention young, hip shoppers: do you want to dress yourself in thrifted clothing, yet you don’t want to spend hours combing through the racks of actual thrift stores? Great news for thrifty shoppers who are too snobby or pressed for time to shop in thrift stores: Goodwill Industries is trying out new store formats for people who only want designer-label goods, and for hipsters.

Hipsters? The designer-brand store concept makes sense, especially when you find out that store is in California’s Orange County, home of Disneyland and an awful lot of suburban wealth. The Goodwill mini-store concept has apparently mated with an Urban Outfitters or some kind of similar shop, producing a new kind of store: Rare by Goodwill.

The store is, effectively, a thrift store that contains only the hippest, bestest thrift store items. While this eliminates the treasure-hunt aspect to thrift shopping that many people enjoy, it also eliminates the hours spent combing racks filled with glittery vacation,themed shirts that haven’t yet come back around to hipness yet.

Goodwill’s latest experiment: A ‘rare’ boutique targeting the hipster crowd [Orange County Register]

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