Amazon Offers Special Deal On The Perfect Gift: Sticks

perfect_sticksWooden sticks are a wonderfully versatile item. You can use them to hit people you don’t like, or to knit homemade mittens for people you do like. You could use one to stir paint, or use a pile of them to build a house for dolls. Only your imagination limits the possibilities.

This was an actual thing that Amazon posted to Twitter, which we do not really understand. The link that Amazon posted led to a page featuring only two items: sticks for making rock candy and sticks for stirring paint. While making rock candy and painting the house are both fun family projects for the holidays, the people of Twitter found Amazon’s offer of 15% off sticks baffling, awesome, or both.

Amazon reviewers suggested using these sticks to stir paint, logically enough, or as handles for paper fans. Those are fine ideas, but still does not explain why Amazon felt the need to offer them as a Gold Box deal or publicize that deal on Twitter.

The paint stirrers are down to 19% off, if you need some paint stirred.

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