Want L.L. Bean Duck Boots Right Now? Head To eBay, Pay Double

ebaybootsWhen there’s a shortage of something that people want to buy, capitalism fills in the gaps and unites buyers, sellers, and large amounts of cash. That’s the case with L.L. Bean duck boots, Which are in short supply right now and backordered until almost spring time. For people who want their feet warm and dry right now, there are eBay auctions where they can buy the boots at a premium.

While writing this post, I watched one auction end at $260 with $10 shipping, which is $10 less than double the list price. If learning that the boots are in short supply has created such a strong desire for waterproof footwear in you that you don’t even want to wait around for a couple of days for an auction to end, “Buy it Now” options abound for $300 or more.

You can also buy “vintage” or “Like New” pairs of boots, since premium prices bring boots that aren’t being worn out of closets.

Buying them directly from L.L. Bean means paying $140 but waiting around until as late as March, depending on which style and size you want.

Why Are 100,000 People On A Waiting List To Buy Duck Boots From L.L. Bean?

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