Swedish Hotel Offering Free 7-Night Stays For People With More Than 2,000 Facebook Friends

We already know the value companies place on attracting new fans on social media, which is part of the reason using sites like Facebook and Instagram is free: Advertisers want your attention and they want the attention of your friends. So in order to harness the power of social media, one Swedish hotel is offering up a tasty bit of bait in the form of free stays for the big hitters on Facebook and Instagram.

That maximum seven-night stay at the luxury Nordic Light Hotel in Stockholm comes with some strings attached, of course: Guests who have 2,000 private friends on Facebook or 100,000 fans on Facebook or Instagram can get a free room, but they’ll have to post updates at check-in and check-out, as well as mentioning the hotel’s website and other name-dropping opportunities on social media.

The hotel usually charges up to $360 per night for a room, reports The Mirror, making the deal that much more interesting.

Not feeling like the coolest kid in school? There are other discounts available to the less popular of us out there: If you’ve got 1,500 private friends on Facebook/15,000 followers on Instagram it’s a 15% discount, 1,000 Facebook friends/10,000 Instagram followers gets you 10% off and 500 Facebook peeps/5,000 Instagrammers is a 5% decrease.

Maybe it’s time to start responding to all those friend requests from people in high school you never spoke to.

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