Nutella Sells Personalized Jars, Misses Out On Potential U.S. Sales Bonanza

nutella-800x400If Coca-Cola was able to move more bottles of dark brown high fructose corn syrup water by slapping names on the labels, why can’t the same idea work for other products? That is probably not the idea behind a new Nutella campaign, which lets you pay more than six bucks for a jar of the choco-nut spread that literally has your name on it. Instead of figuratively having your name on it, as usual.

Unfortunately, you can’t wander over to the local grocery store and pick up one of these jars, unlike the Coke bottles. You have to order them from Selfridges, the luxury department store in London that was definitely not founded by Jeremy Piven. Extra difficulty: you can’t order them online. They are only available in stores. If you happen to be visiting London, Manchester, or Birmingham in the near future, you’re in luck. If you aren’t, well, you’ll have to fire up your color printer and make your own at home.

Why are we telling our readers about this, then? To highlight the potential sales bonanza that Ferrero, makers of Nutella, are missing out on. Sure, Americans definitely don’t need an excuse to consume more choco-hazelnut spread, but that has never stopped us before. It certainly didn’t stop us in the case of the Coke campaign.

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