Man Buys Foreclosed House, Finds Decomposed Previous Occupant

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Earlier this week, a man won a foreclosure auction in Cape Coral, Florida. He stopped by yesterday to check out his new purchase, a pink house with metal bars on every window. Neighbors hadn’t seen the previous occupant in a few years…because she had moved away. Or so they thought. The house’s new owner found a very decomposed body inside.

If you’ve been wondering how neighborly people are in modern America, just read the interviews that the Fort Myers News-Press did with the people who lived around the seemingly abandoned house. Apparently, many of them assumed that the woman had died inside the house…but they either didn’t assume that she might still be there, or just didn’t care.

The man who lived next door shared his ideas with the newspaper. “Either it was a grow house or there was a dead lady in there,” he said helpfully. We can understand why someone wouldn’t want to tattle on the neighborhood pot garden, but wouldn’t you want someone to maybe let the authorities know if they suspected that you were lying dead in your home?

The house was built in 2007, and neighbors say that they hadn’t seen the woman who was living there in a few years. They say that she was from Miami, and didn’t speak much English, but she was nice enough. Her sister also lived in the house.

The local medical examiner now has the body, and will determine its identity and any other information available.

Cape Coral man buys foreclosed home, finds body inside [News-Press] (via Gawker)

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