Burger King Ditches The Beef For New India Restaurants – Unveils Mutton, Vegetable Whoppers

Burger King unveiled its newest non-beef menu items Wednesday ahead of the company's launch in India.

Burger King unveiled its newest non-beef menu items Wednesday ahead of the company’s launch in India.

When you hear the name Burger King, you assume the restaurant serves a plethora of burgers. And while that’s true in the United States, it won’t be the case for the company’s latest expansion into India, where menu items are beef-free.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the king of burgers will unveil a new versions of its signature Whopper sandwich when the company’s first restaurants in India open.

Burger King made the announcement in a Facebook post late Wednesday: “GREAT NEWS – The WHOPPER IS COMING SOON TO INDIA!”

The first post was quickly followed by the clarification, “We do not have beef on our menu but our options will certainly delight you.”

The new beef-free burgers include the Chicken Whopper, the Mutton Whopper and the Vegetable Whopper.

Burger King says it dropped its classic beef and pork menu items after keeping in mind the religious practices of the country’s population. It’s unclear if the new options will ever make an appearance at U.S. locations.

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Still, the WSJ reports that some of company’s newest clients aren’t exactly thrilled by the new menu items.

“Whopper as chicken is unacceptable,” one Facebook user wrote after the company’s announcement.

“That sir is not a Whopper. It looks more like a chicken sandwich trying to be cool,” another resident posted.

While the fast food chain has ditched the beef and pork offerings from its upcoming menu, it continues to post photos of traditional Whoppers on its social media account in an attempt to teach its newest customers about the sandwiches.

The fast food restaurant, which is in the process of merging with Tim Hortons and moving to Canada, has yet to confirm how many locations it will open in India.

Local media in India have reported that the chain plans to open at least 12 outlets in the next three months.

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