Everyone Wants To Believe Photo Of Domino’s Worker Delivering Pizza Directly To Bed Of Hungover Man Is Real

There are some things on the Internet that are just too good to be true, I know, but oh man, I really hope this isn’t one of them: A guy reportedly in the death grip of a truly heinous hangover wasn’t feeling like answering the door to get his Domino’s pizza delivery, but it all worked out because of a brave worker, unafraid to see a lazy customer in his skivvies, watching James Bond movies. That is, if this all really happened.

Making good use of that “extra instructions” section common on many food delivery sites, a fellow reported to be named “Dave” living somewhere in the world had a very special request for the person delivering his pizza, and posted the results of that effort on Imgur: Please, let yourself in and bring my desired items to my den of day-after sloth.

“I’m so hungover in bed. Let yourself in, turn right, go past the kitchen, through the living room, turn left and double doors are my bedroom,” he wrote, adding something that would make me want to run the exact opposite direction, “I’m in my undies watching James Bond. Don’t be alarmed.”

He signs off as “Dave” with a thumbs up emoticon, as if he knew that the universe would be kind to him this day, by way of pizza.

So if the photo from Imgur — which was picked up by a few sites in the UK like The Daily Mirror and Metro — is the honest truth, well then, we’re happy you’re happy, hangover guy, and hope you enjoyed that pizza.

But alas, because the Internet loves making us believe wonderful things such as miraculous pizza deliveries really happened, only to later tear the rug out from under our hoax-believing feet, we must remain slightly skeptical. Who knows, maybe Dave just lives with someone who works at Domino’s who was coming home with leftovers. We might never know, and you know what? That’s okay.

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