Costco Takes Unusual Stance That Retail Employees Should Have Thanksgiving Day Off

As the beginning of Black Friday and thus the holiday shopping season has crept backwards into the early hours of Thanksgiving, we at Consumerist have taken a cantankerous stance against these early openings. Even we can take heart, though: a few businesses have confirmed that they will not be opening on Thanksgiving Day, because they’d like employees to spend the holiday with their loved ones or something.

ThinkProgress, a progressive political site, also has an anti-Brown Thursday stance, and they’ve already started compiling a list of chain retailers that will be closing their doors during the holiday. It includes Dillard’s, Burlington [Coat Factory], REI, and American Girl. The latest addition is Costco, which also made a point of staying closed on Thanksgiving Day of last year, along with warehouse club competitor BJ’s.

Last year, retailers waited to announce their plans, even to their own employees, which threw many workers’ holiday plans into disarray. While experts have made predictions, most malls and stores haven’t announced their Thanksgiving plans yet.

Costco Will Be Closed On Thanksgiving Because Employees ‘Deserve The Opportunity’ To Be With Family [ThinkProgress]

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