Finnish Brewer Set To Sell Recreation Of 172-Year-Old Beer Found In Shipwreck

Finnish Brewery Stallhagen plans to sell a reproduced 1842 beer.

Finnish Brewery Stallhagen plans to sell a reproduced 1842 beer.

Typically you wouldn’t dream of consuming the things found in a shipwreck at the bottom of the ocean. But if you’re a historical buff or a beer connoisseur, a 172-year-old beer found off the coast of Finland – or more accurately its reproduction – might whet your appetite.

The Guardian reports that scientists successfully recreated a beer found preserved inside an 1842 shipwreck and now plan to market it globally.

Back in 2010, the government of the Åland Islands tasked the VTT Technical Research Center with analyzing and recreating the brew.

Now that the researches have successfully determined the alcohol content, color and bitterness of the beer, Finish brewery Stallhagen will reproduce it for the mass market.

The beer, which is described as having a sweet, Champagne-liked taste, will be released in two versions.

One variation of the beer will have the exact same yeast and hops as the original drink found in the shipwreck and will cost around $143 a bottle.

For beer drinkers looking for a more economical taste, the company will create a version using replica ingredients that costs about $7 per bottle.

Officials from the island where the beer was procured say proceeds from the less expensive version are expected to fund marine archeological research and research of history and environment in the Baltic Sea.

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