“Don’t Flush Feminine Products” Signs In AirBNB Rentals? $10,000 In Damages Makes A Good Case

A Los Angeles AirBNB host probably wishes she had hung one of those “Please place feminine products in the trash” signs up in her condo’s bathroom. Doing so may have saved her more than $10,000 in damages after a renter allegedly repeatedly flushed the products down her toilet causing a blockage and massive leak.

Business Insider reports that the pipe back up caused a leak that poured water into the hallway and lobby of the woman’s condo building, eventually seeping into her neighbor’s apartment.

The woman, who rents several units through AirBNB, says she didn’t learn of the damage until a second group of renters called to tell her the toilet was clogged.

Between hiring an emergency water cleaning crew and fixing damage to both the host’s apartment and the neighbor’s apartment costs for the stay reached more than $10,000.

Despite AirBNB’s Host Guarantee, which promises to pay for up to $1 million in damages, the woman says she’s left footing the bill.

According to the woman, an email she received from AirBNB said the company would only pay for the $78 plumber’s fee.

The email details that the woman’s claim was denied because the Host Guarantee only covers the actual rented unit and is void if more guests stay after the damage is incurred.

A spokesperson for AirBNB tells Business Insider that problems are rare when it comes to rentals.

“We were incredibly sorry to hear about this matter and we’d encouraged the host to use our resolution tools to work with her guests on this matter,” the spokesperson says.

As a result of the damage allegedly caused by the AirBNB renter, the woman’s condo association has banned its owners form renting through the service.

Additionally, the woman says she’ll stop renting through AirBNB once her current reservations are finished.

“We’ve been using it since 2011. We were an early adopter,” she says. “AirBNB sent us great people for two years. They appreciated the concept of sharing and staying in an at-home-like environment. Then things start to get bad from last year and especially this year.”

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