Public Safety Officer Gives Mom A New Car Seat For Her Daughter Instead Of Writing Her A Ticket

Keeping everyone safe on the road is part of the job of all local law enforcement, so when a public safety officer in Michigan pulled over a young driver and saw that her child wasn’t strapped into a safety seat, he acted. But instead of writing her a ticket for the lack of a car seat, he brought her to a store and bought one for her.

The officer was making the rounds on his patrol when he pulled over a vehicle for a traffic violation, reports News Channel 3, and he noticed the driver’s five-year-old daughter belted into the backseat, but without a booster seat.

The mom said she knew it was wrong and unsafe not to have her in a car seat, but that she couldn’t afford one right now due to a limited income, and had fallen on hard times recently. Her old car had been repossessed with the car seat inside it.

“He goes, well, meet me at Walmart in 15 minutes,” she remembers.

Once at the Walmart, he went inside and bought a new car seat for her daughter.

“A ticket doesn’t solve the situation,” he explains. “What solves it is the child being a booster seat like she should be. It was the easiest 50 bucks I ever spent.”

The mom says she’s grateful and almost at a loss for words at his generosity.

“He did his job and above and beyond that just to protect a little girl and help a family that can’t help themselves right now,” she said.

Officer gives young mom car seat instead of ticket [News Channel 3]

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