McDonald’s Japan Also Gets Into The Black Burger Game

(Twitter: @elitedaily)

(Twitter: @elitedaily)

Because there is nothing more appealing than a slab of dark gray meat on a dark gray bun, McDonald’s Japan has followed Burger King’s lead and introduced a burger that doesn’t look like anything you’d really want to eat.

McDonald’s “Halloween” burger is a limited-time offer that follows only weeks after BK Japan unveiled its black Kuro Burger to much Internet buzz.

The McD’s offering is slightly more colorful than the BK competitor, since it uses good ol’ yellow cheese instead of the eerie jet-black slices. Additionally, the sesame seeds on the bun add some variation to the grayscale breading.

The above photo, Tweeted by Elite Daily, doesn’t seem to show it, but this other photo of the McDonald’s ads for the burger indicate some sort of black sauce between the beef patties and the bottom bun:

As the NY Daily News points out, while McDonald’s might be trailing behind BK on this particular promotion, the company has used squid ink to darken its burgers before. In 2013, its Hong Kong restaurants sold a Black Burger with two beef patties, mashed potatoes and truffle sauce on a squid ink bun.

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