United Airlines Reply Robot Returns, Responds To Complaint By “Mr. Human”

The fill-in-the-blank customer service robot that gave us the heartfelt letter apologizing to (CUSTOMER NAME) for (SPECIFIC EVENT) has returned — and like all sequels, this time… it’s personal.

And by personal, we of course mean coldly impersonal.

Reporter Chris Chmura of WTVT-TV in Tampa Tweeted us the above image of the reply e-mail he received from United for whatever complaint he registered with the airline.

“Dear Mr. Human,” it begins… which is really all you need to know about the personal touch that United gives to its customer service.

We love the paragraph where the ‘bot explains how it would like to be more detailed — if it only had a brain… a heart… some nerve — but please be assured that your concern has been passed up the chain to another automaton.

All kidding aside, one actual concern is that the e-mail promises travel vouchers as compensation for whatever went wrong. We can imagine the customer service nightmare that will ensue if those vouchers come through with “Mr. Human” as the name.

We’ve also asked the remaining major airlines to verify that actual humans work there, but what if the robots don’t know they aren’t human?

The responses thus far —

American denies allegations of robot-ness:

Spirit actually auto-replied its response:

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