Here’s How You Can Roll Back The Unfortunate iOS 8.0.1 Update

Image courtesy of (Fabien ROCHET)

Millions of people worldwide rushed out to purchase the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus last week, and Apple immediately pushed out an early operating system upgrade to fix a few minor problems with the phones. Unfortunately, this update caused other problems in turn, like, um, losing their cellular service. Or the use of the phone’s thumbprint sensor. You know, minor stuff, but it still moved people to commemorate the update in song.

It requires a few extra clicks to downgrade your phone to a slightly older operating system, but is quite easy. Apple has a page available with software that will roll the iPhone 6 versions back to the first version of iOS 8. Download the software to a computer running iTunes, then roll back the upgrade by using the Shift or Option key.

A variation of this method also works if you updated our older iOS device to the newest operating system because iTunes told you to, and it made your phone slow or glitchy: as of yesterday, the last version of iOS 7 was still downloadable and signed by Apple, and could be installed without jailbreaking or other fun and nefarious methods.

Now, just keep your phone out of your pants pockets, and you’ll be all set.

Apple’s fix for major iOS 8 bug coming in the ‘next few days’ [The Verge]

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