Guy Leaves His iPad On A Plane, Gets It Back 10 Days Later With Airline Staff Selfies Included

Image courtesy of (kenfagerdotcom)

Usually when you leave an expensive piece of electronic equipment on an airplane, that’s usual the moment where you bid your device goodbye. But one guy traveling to Iceland on IcelandAir had the pleasant surprise of not only getting his iPad back after it hung out at the Reykjavik Airport for 10 days, but also got a few bonus photos.

Redditor EarlySpaceCowboy writes that he left his iPad on the plane, and came back 10 days later to find that not only would he be reuniting with his device, but he found some fun bonus photos from the staff as well.

It turns out the cleaning crew found his iPad, then apparently passed in to the flight attendants, who gave it to airport police (who did not take a selfie, alas):

“I assume the cleaning staff passed it to the flight attendants who passed it to the airport police. We drove around Iceland for 10 days, so I reclaimed it when flying out,” he writes in the comments.

And if anyone is tempted to diss the selfie takers, he doesn’t want that.

“Just to reiterate: This was a great customer experience, I am very happy I got my iPad back and I hope no one gets silly and tries to give these nice employees shit for it.”

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