Amazon Testing One-Button Ordering Device For Connected Homes

These days, everything from your TV to your light bulbs to your front door deadbolt to your crock pot can be connected to the Internet, so why not one button that lets you instantly order replacements and supplies for these devices?

According to Reuters, Amazon’s Lab126 division — the group responsible for the company’s hardware devices like the Kindle and last summer’s all-but-forgotten Fire Phone — is currently testing this one-button buying idea, as web-connected devices only become more prevalent.

Sources tell Reuters that the device, which may never make it to market, is something that could be placed in a convenient central position, like the kitchen, and would possibly alert users to the need for things like more detergent or filter refills and let them purchase those items with the press of a button.

It looks like Amazon has big plans, not just for this one device but for connected-home devices in general, as the company looks to add around 750 jobs to Lab126, and invest $55 million in the business, over the next few years.

A rep for the company would only say that “We will continue to invent and create new features, services and products, and to support this innovation. Lab 126 is also growing very quickly.”

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