Chrysler Recalls 230,000 Dodge And Jeep SUVs Because Vehicles Aren’t Supposed To Just Shut Off

The purpose of a motor vehicle is to transport you from one place to another. Apparently, that doesn’t always happen with some Chrysler-produced SUVs, so the car manufacturer issued a recall of some 230,000 Jeeps and Durangos.

According to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration notice [PDF], Chrysler issued a recall of approximately 230,760 model year 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokees and Dodge Durangos because an issue with the fuel pump relay could cause the SUVs to stall or not start.

Heat caused by contact power and temperatures around the fuel pump relay and battery voltage have been found to lead to premature fuel pump delay. The fuel pump delay can occur without warning, increasing the risk of a crash.

Consumer complaints to NHTSA regarding the issue include instances where the vehicle won’t start, won’t start on the first attempt, stalls or won’t stay running.

“Jeep will not start on first try. I removed the push start button and began starting with the key,” reads one gripe. “That worked fine for about a month then it required multiple tries to get it started.”

“While driving…the vehicle decided to shut the 4×4 system off and lower suspension completely, all while driving,” writes another unhappy owner. “Paid for towing and after towed the vehicle goes back to normal with no maintenance. Upon returning home vehicle randomly shuts off while in motion, will not start or fuel pump randomly runs and no way to shut off.”

Officials with Chrysler say they are unaware of any accidents or injuries related to the recall. Chrysler will notify affected car owners and dealers will replace the fuel pump relay.

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