Spoiler Alert: New Netflix Site Reveals Endings Of TV Shows & Movies

spoileralertWant to know who killed Laura Palmer without having to be bothered with the Log Lady or the secret romance of Big Ed and Norma? Or maybe you’re a few seasons into Lost and just can’t wait to get to what has to be a satisfying, logical conclusion that doesn’t at all backtrack on everything the show’s creator promised he wouldn’t do? Then Netflix has something to spoil your afternoon.

Netflix’s new “Spoil Yourself” site does its best to ruin the secrets of some 30 movies and TV shows, including the above-referenced Twin Peaks and Lost.

There are some more obvious ones on the list — The Usual Suspects, Primal Fear — along with some titles that we don’t really see as spoiler-ish, like Ghostsbusters (hint: they bust ghosts; and Bill Murray has been dead the whole time), Rocky (he lives but is trapped in sequel purgatory for three decades) and Forrest Gump (it somehow managed to win the Oscar for Best Picture over Pulp Fiction; and he’s also Keyser Soze).

Because there’s no going back once you find out that Breaking Bad’s Walter White is actually just the dreamlike fabrication of a small child in Boston, and since you can’t cherry-pick which spoilers you see, Spoil Yourself requires you to click multiple times to agree that you are absolutely sure that this is what you want to do with your life.

[via The Verge]

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