Christmas Trees Now Found Next To The Patio Furniture

tropical_holidayWhat season is it? We can’t blame shoppers for being confused when they wander into this seasonal mashup at Menards. When the timing is a little off in a store’s Seasonal section, things get kind of strange. Of course, Christmas stuff out on display in late September is no longer jarring to Consumerist staff. If it’s after Labor Day, Christmas merchandise on the shelves no longer fazes us. With patio furniture, though?

There had to be some kind of explanation for this. Menards is mostly a Midwestern chain, but they do have stores in other places. Surely this was taken in their southernmost stores, somewhere that people still need patio furniture in late September. We checked back with tipster Erika to make sure that was the case.

Nope: she took this photo in tropical Fargo, North Dakota.

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