Accused Walmart Shoplifter Flees Very, Very Slowly On Motorized Shopping Cart

Usually when someone commits a retail crime, it’s of the utmost importance to get away from the scene of the infraction as quickly as possible. But what if you just don’t feel in the mood to walk? That’s the reason a woman accused of shoplifting at a Michigan Walmart gave for boosting a motorized shopping cart to scoot herself away from the store.

Police say the woman rode nearly two miles down the road from the store on the wheelchair, with about $600 bags worth of pilfered items stashed in her getaway vehicle, reports

Law enforcement say that when they found her sitting on the $1,200 cart, she claimed that she’d paid in full for the allegedly stolen goods, and explained that the reason she’d left the store with the scooter was because she had called for a ride and didn’t get one, and “she didn’t feel like walking.”

She reportedly had no proof with her that she’d paid for the clothing in plastic grocery bags, and said that she’d been intended to sell the goods for cash.

Cops charged her with two separate counts, as she had a warrant out for her arrest at the time of the scooter incident: second-degree retail fraud for an earlier incident at another Walmart, and organized retail crime tied to the scooter spree.

Which brings to mind:

Woman accused of stealing motorized Wal-Mart wheelchair, driving off with allegedly stolen items []

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