McDonald’s Tries Again To Trademark “McBrunch”

Here's a Mc10:35 -- the Frankenstein's monster created by combining a McDouble and an Egg McMuffin. (photo: acadiel)

Here’s a Mc10:35 — the Frankenstein’s monster created by combining a McDouble and an Egg McMuffin. (photo: acadiel)

Given McDonald’s love of selling breakfast, and its even deeper affection for trademarking anything even vaguely food-related starting with “Mc,” it’s surprising to learn that the company is just now getting around to trying to stake its claim on the phrase, “McBrunch.” But the real question is: Does this mean a real brunch menu is on the way from McDonald’s?

According to, the Golden Arches filed the trademark application for McBrunch back in July.

So does this mean that McMuffins, biscuit sandwiches, hash browns and other breakfast foods will soon be available later into the day? Or maybe it’s planning new, more upscale brunch items?

The company is playing coy, telling BurgerBusiness that “We routinely file intent to use trademark applications as a regular course of business. We can’t share details at this time as to how the trademarks may or may not be used.”

McDonald’s did apply to trademark McBrunch back in 2001, but later abandoned that application and has never publicly used the term on its national menu.

The company has been tinkering with the idea of serving its popular breakfast menu either later into the day or on late-night menus.

And of course there have been fan-made brunch possibilities like the hybrid burger/McMuffin monster dubbed the Mc10:35.

BurgerBusiness points to recent regional tests of new items like breakfast pastries and mini bundt cakes as possible indicators that a brunch menu could be in the offing.

This may not go over well with McDonald’s franchisees, who have complained in recent years about being forced to offer new menu items that don’t always sell well (we’re looking at you, Mighty Wings). But with Taco Bell recently making a splash in the breakfast business, the chain might need to try something new to keep customers interested.

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