Vienna Considering “Drive-In Brothels” To Keep Prostitutes Off The Streets

There are drive-in liquor stores and drive-in banks, but what about brothels? Not here, but in Vienna, where prostitution is legal. Workers have been complaining that they can only conduct business in areas that aren’t near residential neighborhoods, meaning not enough access to clean bathrooms and places like hotels where they can safely and comfortably operate. Drive-in brothels might be the fix.

The idea would be similar to the “sex drive-in” in Zurich, Switzerland, Vienna City Councilor told Die Presse newspaper (via The Local), where legally-operating women of the night can bring their customers in from off the street corners and ply their trade in wooden “sex boxes.”

The problem in Vienna boils down to the areas in the city where prostitutes are allowed to work, which often don’t have hotels they can rent by the hour, clean restrooms and transportation.

In Zurich, prostitutes must obtain permits and pay taxes to operate in these drive-in brothels, and in turn get a safe place to do business.

Frauenberger is planning on bringing up the idea at the city’s next meeting on prostitution with police and non-governmental groups in Vienna.

‘Sex boxes’ mooted as possibility for Vienna [The Local]

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