Microsoft Really Wants You To Buy An Xbox One So It’s Giving Away Free Games Next Week

xboneofferIt’s been almost a year since Microsoft launched its latest console, the Xbox One, originally selling for $100 more than the new competition from Sony. Now that these next-gen consoles are looking toward their second holiday season (and really their first with any decent games), Microsoft is trying to get a leg up on the PS4 by offering free games to people who buy an Xbox One next week.

Microsoft announced today that people who buy an Xbox One (that includes the original version with Kinect, the Kinect-free version, or the models bundled with Madden NFL 15 or Forza Motorsports 5) at a Microsoft Store or a participating retailer between Sept. 7 through Sept. 13, they can score one free game to take home with them.

The promotion doesn’t limit the offer to certain titles, only stating that it the “Free game must be a new, disc-based game for Xbox One, maximum retail value $59.99.” It also does not apply to titles that are only available through pre-order. So basically any new, currently available Xbox One game under $60.

Since no stores are listed on the announcement, we asked a Microsoft rep to clarify exactly which stores are considered “participating retailers.” This isn’t an exhaustive list, but the rep confirmed that it includes Best Buy, GameStop, Target, Toys ‘R Us, Amazon and Walmart. You can check with your other local retailers who sell video games to see if they are taking part in the promo.

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