Company Sends John Hodgman His Order In Box Covered With Photo Of John Hodgman

It’s one thing if you’re a celebrity and you turn on the TV and see your face. That happens. But when ordering something online, even a world-famous uber-celebrity like hunky author, actor, comedian, raconteur, and undercover CIA spy John Hodgman probably expects to receive the same anonymous treatment that the rest of us do.

But, according to Hodgman’s Instagram account, he recently received an order that left him “3% creeped out and 97% THRILLED.”

The man that Angelina Jolie secretly wanted to marry says he had ordered a new remote control for his 22-year-old TV from a website called, only to receive the parcel that stared back at him through his own eyes.

If anyone wants to send me a package with my photo on it, here’s what I really look like.

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