Marketers Think It’s Time To Prepare Your Batches Of Halloween Cards

How early is “too early” for a store Halloween display? It used to be that seeing Halloween candy and merchandise on the shelves in July shocked us, but it no longer does. Are retailers wearing us down? Will they begin to stock costumes and pumpkin spice flavored foods even earlier, pairing Fourth of July and Halloween items as Halloween and Christmas are inevitably paired now?

Meanwhile, here are two lovely displays of Halloween merchandise out in store before anyone could possibly want them.


Reader Dave sent along this picture from Walgreens: those nests look tasty, but still, it’s too early.


How about some greeting cards? Randy took these pictures at CVS. Not only are marketers still trying to make Halloween cards into a thing, but you can buy them more than two months in advance.

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  1. GnRJosh says:

    Hold up….they have a Halloween Coconut Nest now? The whole point is that you can fit little jelly bean/malted milk ball eggs into the nests for Easter….what the hell goes into the Halloween Coconut Nests? It makes no damn sense. Just like year-round Peeps. The whole point of the Peep is that it symbolizes Spring and the birth of new things. The chase for the almighty dollar never ceases to amaze.

    • SingleMaltGeek says:

      I’m more troubled by the existence of “Halloween cards”. The only appropriate sentiment at that time of the year is “Boo!”, and for obvious reasons that is best expressed in person rather than in print.

      Now get off my lawn! *shakes fist*

      • sylphon says:

        The cards don’t bother me, Halloween cards have been around for at least 30 yrs, prolly longer. My mother is big into cards for every holiday, so she loves getting and giving a Halloween card to me every year. I like to find the twisted ones, they’re always more fun anyway :-)