Animal Shelter To Person Who’s Dropped Off 100 Tuxedo Cats: Time To Learn About Fixing Your Pets

Dropping off pets you can’t possibly care for at the animal shelter is a good deed, to be sure — but that being said, one facility would like to have a word about fixing your pets after someone keeps leaving boxes full of tuxedo cats on its doorstep.

Because even shelters can run out of room, the local Humane Society in one California town is asking whoever left three boxes filled with 24 black-and-white cats and kittens on its doorstep recently, as well as several other loads of felines, to learn about spaying and neutering, reports

It’s the fourth time this has happened in the last year and a half, a spokeswoman said, leaving more than 100 cats on the shelter’s hands, in addition to all the others. All appear to be in good health, without fleas or diseases.

But it’s just too much.

“Every cage is full and our staff is overloaded trying to care for them all,” she explained. “It’s putting a big strain on us.”

It seems to be the same person every time, as seen on surveillance footage. But identifying that person to punish them isn’t the goal, the shelter just wants to stop the cycle of procreation now before it gets too out of hand.

“We don’t know if this person is some kind of hoarder or if they are just a well-intentioned owner,” the Humane Society rep said. “But we would really like them to know about getting their cats spayed or neutered. We’re concerned that it will keep happening and we want to break that cycle.”

In order to help all 180 cats now at the shelter get adopted to loving homes soon, officials at the Humane Society are waiving cat and kitten adoption fees through the end of August.

100-plus ‘tuxedo’ cats dumped at Marin shelter []

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