If You’ve Got Two Land Masses That Need Connecting, Oregon Has A Bridge To Sell You

Isn’t it annoying when you’re on one side of a body of water and you can see the opposite bank, and you really want to get over there but alas, there’s no stretch of metal and concrete to bear you to the other side? Well, have I got the bridge for you. Or rather, Oregon has one and it needs to sell it.

Multnomah county officials are looking for someone to save the historic 1,000 foot-long Sellwood Bridge from its doom. It’ll be demolished unless someone can buy it — and also move it elsewhere.

The 90-year old steel truss bridge is touted as “very used,” and in need of a new home after functioning as the busiest two-lane bridge in the state. It sees about 30,000 cars a day, a county spokesman told CNNMoney, but it just can’t keep up anymore.

There’s no price listed for the bridge, so bring your best offer.

“We’d even consider a plan to buy half of it, especially if somebody was going to make it available for public use,” a spokesman told Reuters.

Before you go throwing your money at a bridge, potential buyers should know that moving the bridge and keeping its lead paint from leaking into the environment will likely cost a pretty penny. When the bridge was moved last, by 60 feet, it cost $1 million to do so.

It also doesn’t come with any of the support beams that currently keep it aloft above the Willamette River, just paved roads, sidewalks and railings.

Bids will be considered based on things like where you want to put the bridge, what you’d use it for (a bunch of hammocks and a garden, maybe a cheese stand), and whether or not this is actually something you can afford.

Bids are due Sept. 12, after an open house on Aug. 26 where prospective buyers can debate the tile in the bathroom and the awful wood paneling in the study.

The county is required to try to sell the bridge before tearing it down, per the federal National Historic Preservation Act, but if no one ponies up the cash, it’ll likely destroy it and recycle many of the parts.

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