Griffin Replaces Tiny Plastic Clips In Display Of International Greatness

griffin elevatorSam writes to us from across the Atlantic, where he received the delightful gift of a cooling notebook computer stand from a friend. Well, more of a cast-off, but Sam appreciated it all the same. It was missing a few parts, so he contacted the manufacturer, Griffin, to find out whether he could buy just those parts for a reasonable price. Fortunately, they wouldn’t let him do that.

I say “fortunately” because what the company gave Sam only one option: to give them his address so they could replace the missing parts. The Griffin Elevator is a neat plastic stand that’s meant to circulate cool air under your notebook computer and put it at eye level when your laptop is on a desktop. It’s the product in the picture at left. See how there are little plastic clips that keep the computer from falling forward off the stand? Those were missing on the stand that Sam’s friend gave him.

The stand had been hibernating in a cabinet for some time, until the friend, Sam says, “donated” the stand to him while cleaning out the spare computer junk in that cabinet. Cool! Except for those missing parts, which Griffin said that they would be happy to mail to him. That’s even more impressive when you remember that Griffin Technology is based in the U.S., and Sam isn’t.

The company even sent along two sets of clips, which may indicate that the clips on this stand are kind of fragile. Never mind that, though: Sam was pretty happy! “The Elevator stand would have been well out of warranty, having sat in my friend’s cupboard for years,” he wrote to Consumerist. “I thought the customer service team at Griffin Technology deserved a shout-out for the awesome experience I had with them.”

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