Uber’s New “UberPool” Sets Users Up With Strangers To Share A Ride, Split The Cost

Zipping around town telling a car where to go is a lovely luxury and all, but let’s face it — not everyone can afford to pay for a solo drive all the time. While you can already split rides with a friend traveling in your same car, soon Uber users will be able to share rides with perfect strangers using Uber Pool.

The company announced the new service on its blog, noting that the idea is simple: You share a car with someone going along the same route and split the cost. And if you request a ride and UberPool can’t find another person to get in your car, you get a discount on the ride.

The Uber app will also tell you the first name of your future ride buddy, so you won’t have to be entirely awkward about sharing a space with a perfect stranger. And this way, it makes for the perfect opportunity for all those moments in romantic comedies you’ve always wished to have, but could never quite make happen.

UberPool is starting out in beta, in a team effort with Google, as the company shares Uber’s “vision of a more energy-efficient world with less traffic congestion and pollution in our cities,” the company explains.

While Uber says UberPool is rolling out “immediately in private beta,” it’s unclear which cities that includes. The beta effort will expand to more locations on Aug. 15, however, and interested users can sign up to find out when UberPool goes live in their area.

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