This Burger Has More Burgers Instead Of Buns

fattestburgerDo you like the idea of KFC’s Double Down in theory, but prefer beef to chicken? In California, Fatburger has your back. Well, your bun. Instead of the lettuce-wrapped patties that are what you normally get as low-carb/gluten-free options, Fatburger has gone ahead and sandwiched a burger between two more burgers.

The “protein burger” comes in sizes small through extra large, and you can get up to four patties on it for some reason. Also, you could get regular old toppings like guacamole, eggs, and you can even waste some space with lettuce. The “Protein Burger” ranges in price from $4.50 for a small to $7.50 for a large, and exponentially higher as you add exponentially larger numbers of burgers.

KFC Double Down? Fatburger protein burger doubles, triples, quadruples the meat [LA Times] (via Foodbeast)

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