Consumers Dropped F-Bomb 4,377 Times In Comments To FCC About Net Neutrality

More than 1 million comments were submitted to the FCC by the public regarding the Commission’s flawed attempt to restore net neutrality. And more than a few of those comments included language that might make your mother blush.

The folks at the Verge scoured through the entire slate of comments looking for foul language and found a total of 4,377 instances in which some variant of the F-word was used.

The F-bomb and its variants were the most popular curse words used in comments, more than double the number of times commenters used “sh*t” or one of its variants.

Presumably inspired by John Oliver’s re-labeling of the neutrality plan as “cable company f*ckery,” that particular noun form of the F-word was used 571 times, making it the most frequently used non-standard variation of the four-letter profanity. It beat out the past-tense verb “f*cked” (376 uses), and the plural noun “f*ckers” (155).

Our favorite, “crochetfuckyouyourrevolvingdooroflobbyisttochairmantolobbyistsituation” was somehow only used a single time.

Obviously, with more than 1 million comments filed, the few thousand curse words thrown about only represent a small fraction of the words used.

For example, the term “Comcast” was written 10 times as frequently as all forms of the f*ck.

In that light, we’d like to propose adding Comcast to the list of dirty words you’re not allowed to say on broadcast TV.

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