Woman Notices Security Camera Pointed At Thrift Store Dressing Room, Freaks Out

cameraImagine that you were trying on clothes in the dressing room of a store, and you happened to glimpse a security camera pointed right at you. What would you do? When this happened to one shopper at a thrift store in Missouri, she whipped out her own camera and captured its image to show to a local TV station.

The camera, it turns out, is not zoomed in to allow store management to spy on people trying on clothes. Both the news reporters and the woman who originally reported the problem watched the camera feed, noting that it provided an overview of the store, not a close-up on the changing room. Anyone in the dressing room was severely pixelated, but still visible.


“I was actually able to see a lady changing,” the woman who originally reported the camera told KTVI news. “I could see her standing there in her red bra from the waist up.”

Police checked out the camera feed, and they didn’t notice anything illegal or untoward. Like nearly all store surveillance cameras, they’re intended to deter shoplifting, not to spy on shoppers. Other thrift stores in the same chain, Red Racks, don’t have their cameras pointed toward the dressing rooms.

The store’s manager has changed the angle of the camera, but wouldn’t confirm to KTVI why it was moved.

Security cameras near dressing rooms shock customer [KTVI]

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