When Your Parents Don’t Let You Make Pot Brownies At Home, Don’t Break Into A Stranger’s House

First of all, let us acknowledge that it is unclear what kind of drugs two teens allegedly baked into brownies at an absent stranger’s house. But based on the pop culture knowledge we possess here at Consumerist (Have you seen Half Baked? That Dave Chappelle is going places!), we’re gonna go ahead and guess that they were making pot brownies. Allegedly.

Police in Pennsylvania say two 17-year-olds have been charged in juvenile court with breaking into a suburban home and baking “drug-laced brownies” at the residence, reports the Associated Press.

Ostensibly, this happened because no parents are going to allow you and your best friend Trevor [editor’s note: no clue if either kid is named Trevor, it just feels right] to cook up some weed treats in the family kitchen.

Police didn’t say outright that the teens were using the green stuff for their magic baked goods, reporting only that the twosome were busted with more than two pounds of an “unspecified drug” and other drug paraphernalia. At least we hope it was just pot, because a heroin brownie is a terrifying thought.

CBS Philadelphia says the baking session came to a halt after neighbors reported the break-in to the homeowners, who were on vacation.

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