Woman Grills Meat, Gets Wire Brush Bristle Stuck In Her Throat

wireA California woman ended up in emergency surgery after a regular old barbecue with some friends. What caused the sudden, sharp pain in her throat? A wire grill brush shed one of its wires, which ended up lodged inside the piece of meat, then lodged inside her throat.

After rushing to the emergency department of a nearby hospital, she learned what had caused the problem. Using a scope, a doctor discovered that a wire from the brush had speared the soft tissue in her throat. The wire was about an inch long. She had emergency surgery, and still can’t eat solid food.

What lesson has she learned? The woman told her local CBS station that “From here on out, any time I use the brush on the grill, I’m going to make sure that I… wipe it down before I put anything on the grill.” The wire incident may have been a freak accident, but she’s not about to risk having it happen again.

1-Inch Grill Brush Wire Surgically Removed From Woman’s Throat After BBQ [CBS Los Angeles]

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