Police Hunting For Man Who Stole 9 Lawnmowers From Sears… One Mower At A Time

When I first heard about a man wanted in Alabama for allegedly stealing nine lawnmowers from a Sears store, I assumed he’d swiped all the mowers at once with the aid of a truck or moving van. But no, this mower thief had the idiotic bravery to steal the nine mowers one at a time… in the backseat of his sedan.

If you need a laugh, check out the above security camera footage from a Sears in Montgomery. You can see the suspect prowling back and forth among the mowers before apparently settling on one, which he pushes over toward his car and quickly tries to disassemble it and shove the pieces into his back seat — not without some difficulty.

Police in Montgomery tell WSFA-TV that the man is believed to have gotten away with this same crime on nine different occasions and still has not been caught.

To quote the great Ed Rooney:

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