JCPenney Learns How To Run Sales Again, Not Sure How Much 50% Off Is

Regular readers of our site are familiar with Target Math: that’s when a retailer sells an item in bulk, but it somehow ends up costing more to buy a larger quantity than a smaller one. Maybe it’s time to invent a new type of math: JCPenney math, where items on sale are even more on sale than they appear.

Is that confusing? Let’s clarify with an illustration, thanks to reader Paul:


Half of $26 is $12. Got it.

Now, now, we know that JCPenney is just getting used to offering sales again after their “Fair & Square” pricing policy didn’t work out. This isn’t quite what the company’s critics mean by “fake sales,” though.

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  1. SingleMaltGeek says:

    I want to know what the right side of that sign says. It looks like JCP has been taking lessons from Macy’s on how to run a coupon campaign!


  2. Liberal says:

    A month or so ago i needed some briefs. I usually buy in bulk. I saw ad for buy one get one. I usually pay $15 a pack when I buy two, regular $20 each. The price was $20 BOGO. for the sale. I was a little miffed. I felt like they were saying hey stupid shop here!