Smartest Person Alive Invents Gadget That Fills & Ties 37 Water Balloons At Once

On the one hand, who wouldn’t want to be sitting pretty in a backyard fort with hundreds of water balloons that took only minutes to fill and tied themselves. On the other hand — no, I can’t. There is no downside to a device that allows you to fill 37 balloons with water at one time and spares you the time/pain of tying all those slippery little suckers.

A dad of two (who might not be the smartest person alive per se, because that is a very difficult thing to determine) figured out how to make his children the overlords of all others with his Bunch O Balloons device on Kickstarter. It reached its $10,000 funding goal in under 12 hours, and hit $161,252 total as of this writing.

It seems so simple, it’s one of of those things you’ll be lamenting forever that you didn’t come up with first: Attach the stem of the gadget to your hose and turn on the water to fill the balloons. You then apparently give it just a “gentle shake” over a plastic tub, and pop, wurble gurgle, 37 filled and tied water balloons.

Even if a few break, that’s a lot less work than the old way — if this thing works as demonstrated, which of course, we can’t know at this point.

And if you’re thinking of the impact this surge in water balloon production could have on the environment, the plastic stems are recyclable and the balloons are made from biodegradable material.

Again, they tie themselves. Just don’t let these babies get into the wrong hands — I’m looking at you, kid with the bad attitude who always tries to sabotage the neighbors’ block party — or face certain drenching.

*Thanks for the tip, Jenny!

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  1. mrkake says:

    Seems like a really cool product, but I have to say the testimonials in that video from the neighbor and his daughter were sooooo fake sounding…. like… why did they have to script that? Just have them speak honestly.

    • Mokona512 says:

      It may be because in an actual waterballoon fight, you go through a large number of them, and at the insanely high cost of $15 , you will end up with a mildly fun time that costs about $15 per 10 minutes (plus the cost of water, and the time it takes to clean up the rubber fragments)

      For parents looking to keep their kids entertained for more than a few minutes will likely spend a little extra on a game that can keep them entertained for hours each day.

      A pack of 100 of their balloons seems to be $15,

      a pack of 500 more traditional waterballoons can be had for around $5-6. All they are adding to the Bunch O Balloons, is a plastic cap probably a similar amount of plastic that you would get in a soda bottle cap, and a bunch of plastic tubes sticking out of the cap. Those tubes ten stick into individual balloons with a rubber band around the neck of the balloon.

      While it is a good idea for filling the balloons, it comes at such a steep cost that most people will not find it useful especially when they see just how fast kids can go through 100 of them. Most of the people backing it were probably thinking oh $15 for an afternoon of entertainment for the kids. when in reality, it is $15, the kids use all of them within 10 minutes and you, the parent are wondering where your $15 went.
      If they want this to work, they will need to get the price done to like $10 for 500 (or maybe even 400 of them)

      • Cara says:

        It’s possible they will be able to get the cost down. Kickstarter pledges usually aren’t based on the market value – they’re asking for additional money at each level, above the cost of the item(s) you receive, in order to put money towards additional costs.

        The cost to manufacture items also tends to heavily depend on how many units you want – larger orders equal smaller per-unit costs, so if they get enough interest, hopefully the balloons won’t be as expensive to manufacture and consumers will be able to purchase them $10 for 500 balloons.