If You Dream Of Playing Piano While Shucking Clams, We Know A Place That’s Hiring

clampianoDid you put yourself through music school by working at a seafood restaurant? Well now you can put both your piano skills and your clam-shucking chops to good use at the same time.

Consumerist reader Catherine spotted this odd sign in the window of a Long Island, NY, eatery where the owners apparently don’t mind that their piano might reek of raw clams.

Or perhaps they just want someone with “knowledge of opening clams” who can use their mollusk know-how to provide impromptu lectures to diners about bivalves; maybe the piano player can even create a few clam-inspired tunes to entertain the crowds.

In more practical terms, we’re wondering if it’s a good idea to have a piano player putting his or her fingers at risk by shucking clams for the tourist crowd.

Which reminds us, we may be looking to a hire a sitar player with knowledge of using rusty bandsaws…

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