Gas Leak At Frozen Burrito Company Leads To Sick Workers, Fart Jokes


Evol does not make burritos for hamsters. Yet. (YouTube)

A gas leak and carbon monoxide poisoning in the workplace are not at all funny, and we’re glad to hear that workers at Evol in Boulder, Colorado are all okay after they had to evacuate their building. It turned out that the building had dangerous levels of carbon monoxide gas inside because of an unnoticed feature of some of the company’s equipment.

No, no, that “equipment” was not the company’s burritos. Police say that the high carbon monoxide levels in the building may have come from the large batteries that power their forklifts, which had been recharging inside the building. Police didn’t specify where those forklifts were, only that they give off gas while charging.

Paramedics checked 70 employees for signs of carbon monoxide poisoning, and sent 6 to a local hospital. The facility re-opened and burrito-making resumed after the emergency responders aired out the building. Employees sent to the hospital were released later the same afternoon as well.

The company says that it will investigate what caused such a severe leak.

Carbon monoxide exposure at Boulder’s Evol Foods sends 6 to hospital [Boulder Daily Camera]

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