Shoplifter Tries To Steal From Macy’s, Leaves Shirt, Bra, And Purse Behind

The woman suspected of shoplifting last night at a Macy’s store in California may be a little confused about how this whole “shoplifting” thing works. Police say that a loss prevention officer spotted the woman slipping items into her purse, and tried to detain her. Her shirt and bra came off during the altercation, and she fled the mall topless.

She struck the loss prevention officer who was trying to keep her inside the store, and that’s where this whole incident turned weird. Somehow during the encounter, all of the woman’s clothing above her waist came off, and she also left behind her purse. The topless suspect apparently managed to hold on to her car keys and drove off in a white Mercedes.

The police and Macy’s know who the suspect is, since she left her purse behind and all. They are investigating the incident. The 44-year-old is clearly not a polished criminal, since the point of shoplifting is to remove items from the store without being detected, not to leave the purse and clothing that you were already wearing behind.

Police: Mall Theft Suspect Flees Store Topless After Hitting Officer [CBS Los Angeles]

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