The Ab Circle Pro Apparently Also Makes Your Head Lose Weight

photo1Yesterday we were looking around at home exercise equipment when we came across the Ab Circle Pro, one of countless devices that supposedly target your core muscles while also making you look really silly. But looking at the “before” and “after” photos on the box, we realized that the Ab Circle Pro also apparently reshapes and shrinks your head.

Look closely at the man on the left:
photo1 - Edited

Amazingly, not only did his gut shrink, but the proportions of his head have miraculously changed! Who knew that an ab-targeting device could work such wonders?

It’s almost as if someone poorly Photoshopped the before picture to make the man look heavier than he actually was…

UPDATE: It looks like ABC’s 20/20 has fully investigated the Ab Circle Pro, and surprise, surprise, not only were the images ‘shopped, but the device may not be the miraculous ab-blaster it claimed to be:

ABC News | ABC Sports News

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