Truck Carrying Thousands Of Gallons Of Red Bull Crashes, Spilling Cans Onto Highway

Despite the fact that Red Bull claims its drinks can sprout wings and fly around (because all cartoons are the truth), when a truck carrying 30,000 packaged pounds of the stuff crashed on a Florida highway, none of those spilled cans did anything but roll around and make a mess.

The truck made a big old mess on I-95 yesterday when the driver tired to avoid a disabled semi on the side of the road, reports the Orlando Sentinel, but he couldn’t get over into another lane because of other traffic.

When he moved back to the outside line, he hit the other semi, ripping his own trailer open and sending cans spilling out everywhere. About 80% of that 30,000-pound load — about 2,875 gallons — ended up rolling around on the highway, a Florida Highway Patrol officer said.

“In 20 years I have seen a lot of stuff spilled on the interstate,” he noted. “This is a first for me — energy drinks. Usually it is some type of food.”

Waste is waste. Think of all those party girls and late-night studiers who might’ve given those Red Bulls a good home.

Thousands of gallons of Red Bull spill on I-95 in Brevard County crash [Orlando Sentinel]

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