Water Floods Plane Cabin After The Australia-Bound Airbus A380 Springs A Leak

I once learned from Eliza Doolittle that the rain in Spain stays mostly on the plain, but she didn’t say a darn thing about the rain on a plane heading for Australia. She’d probably be as surprised as the passengers on a recent Qantas flight when the double-decker Airbus A380 sprung a leak, sending water coursing through the cabin.

Water was reportedly flowing down aisles and trickling down on the heads of passengers, forcing the plane to return to L.A. late Tuesday night, officials and passengers said, according to the Associated Press.

The flight landed safely after an hour in the air, Qantas said, adding that there were no safety concerns with the leak and the pilot only turned the plane around because well, it couldn’t be very comfortable for customers to sit and soak on a trans-Pacific flight.

While some passengers were moved to dryer areas after water flowed down the stairs and dripped onto passengers in the lower deck, that was only a stopgap measure.

“You couldn’t keep going like that for 15 hours,” one passenger reportedly told KABC-TV.

Passengers stayed overnight in a hotel while other flight arrangements were made, ostensibly for planes that don’t have leaks.

Meanwhile, Qantas says it’s investigating the issue with the plane, and what caused the leak.

Rain on a Plane: Leak Forces Flight’s Turnaround [Associated Press]

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