World Cup Fan Spends $7K To Get Curry Takeout From His Favorite UK Indian Restaurant, Bring It To Brazil

(Spidra Webster)

(Spidra Webster)

We want what we want, when we want it, right? So of course a guy with $7,000 to spare would call up his favorite Indian restaurant before he heads to the World Cup, and ask if he can pick up some curry takeout for 12 of his buddies and fly it to Brazil. Of course.

This particular customer called up a restaurant in Essex, England that he’s fond of, and asked if it could prepare a feast for him an 12 of his friends so he could fly the dishes to Brazil this week.

“I thought he was making a joke,” the restaurant’s owner told the Worthing Herald. “I couldn’t believe it. In the beginning it was a little bit funny for me. I said how can this happen?”

The customer happens to be the director of an aircraft company that provided planes to be blown up on the set of a recent Tom Cruise flick. The restaurant catered the food on that set, and the director got a taste for it.

“We are from Bangladesh and on a regular basis we eat curry and rice, and fish is part of our diet. There’s not a single restaurant in Brazil that does it,” the customer explains, adding that he wishes it could’ve been a celebratory dish if England had gone through. He does have tickets for the final, however.

The plan is for him to fly on a chartered plane to pick up the food today, then hop another flight to London, before taking the dishes with him on a commercial flight to Brazil. It’s unclear if each one gets its own seat, but the total cost for his plan comes to about $7,000.

Footy fans get curried away at the World Cup [Worthing Herald]

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