Report: Video Shows Ousted American Apparel CEO Dancing Naked In Front Of Employees

Image courtesy of Whoever this is, he's dancing.

Whoever this is, he's dancing.

Whoever this is, he’s dancing.

It would be easy to say it’s been a tough week for American Apparel founder and former CEO Dov Charney, but let’s be serious: Getting the boot from your company’s board and then dealing with a video that allegedly shows you dancing around with your private bits out in full view of alleged employees… well, that’s more than a tough week. You know, on top of a plethora of past sexual harassment lawsuits and a reputation for bawdy, bad behavior and near-bankruptcy.

I won’t embed the reported video here, but before I go linking to things, just know that what you’re clicking on will then have links to very, very not safe for work content.

Anyway: Gawker reports (NSFW! NSFW!) that it received a video from a tipster claiming that said footage contains a buff Charney, shimmying around in his birthday suit in front of purported employees. Another tipster wrote into the web site to chime in and affirm that there are either current or former employees in the video.

Whoever is filming it, or whether or not the founder of a large retail company is the person dancing in it naked as the day he was born, someone is without a stitch and dancing, and that fella knows very well he’s on camera — dancing for it, wiggling his eyebrows at it and acting faux shy when a voice asks him to shake his butt.

See? You don’t even need to watch it. You’re welcome.

Earlier this week, the American Apparel board said its decision to give Charney the boot “grew out of an ongoing investigation into alleged misconduct.”

Charney is going to fight it, a source said, adding that he was “totally taken by surprise.”

Yes, surprise, the opposite reaction of the person in the previously mentioned video at being filmed.

And finally, this is the kind of wiggling we like to see around here:

Nothing wrong about this.

Nothing wrong about this.

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